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Fabril Sedera is quality customizing reliability for our customers.

We are manufacturers of high quality lining fabrics made in viscose, cupro, acetate, polyester and blends, essential for the clothing industry seeking to add quality to garments. And greater respect for the environment, using products which come from renowable and recyclable materials, and a sustainable manufacturyng process.


Implementing its high quality policy, our Company introduces the unique finishing TRITÓN, a patent owned by Fabril Sedera, S.A. This Registered Trademark with nº847831, allows fabrics to have a high quality finish, making sewing easier, providing dimensional stability, superb drape of the garment, comfort and excellent anti-stain properties.

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  • Finishing Tritón©
  • Customized produts
  • Several customized products
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  • Weaving Jacquard
  • Customized product
  • Finishing Tritón©
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  • Jacquard fabric
  • Weaving Jacquard
  • Finishing fabric bobbin
  • Washing machine
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  • Weaving process
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  • Washing
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  • Knotter
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  • Knotter
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  • Finishing fabric bobbin
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  • Tenter
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  • Warping
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Our products allow transpiring dimensional stability advantages ease in sewing comfort to the final product

More than 1,500 clothing industries rely on Fabril Sedera, S.A. to clothe the inside of their garments


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The hidden side of fashion
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You can get in touch with us through this web page, sending us an email or by telephone. And we would also be pleased to receive you in our factory.

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  • Address: C/ López Bravo, 44 - Pol. Ind. Villalonquejar - 09001 - BURGOS - Spain
  • Telephones: (+34) 947 47 30 64 / (+34) 947 47 32 71 / (+34) 626 49 23 74
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